We Speak Your Language

Code we crank out

We have worked in almost every programming language and always love to learn more. Below is a list of our current favorites but technology is always changing and we like to evolve with it!

  • Front End Frameworks (Javascript / Typescript):
    React Native, React, Gatsby, Ember, Angular, Mobx, Redux
  • Other Front End:
    CSS / Sass, HTML5, WordPress
  • Back End Frameworks:
    Flask, Django, Node / Express
  • Other Back End:
    Java, NGINX, PHP, SQL, NoSQL
  • Platforms:
    AWS, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes, Dialogflow, WordPress
  • Testing / Continuous Integration and Deployment:
    Mocha, Karma, Jest, Qunit, CircleCI, Code Climate
  • Hardware Prototyping / Embedded:
    C++, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Build it From Scratch

New Products

You dream it, we build it. Need to add interactive functionality to your website or connect to your customers through IoT / smart technology? Whatever you’re working on, our expertise and leadership will help you prototype, quality test and deliver impressive solutions your users will love.


Build it Better

Reworking Exisiting Systems

Modernize your product, transition your team to a new technology or troubleshoot performance issues with Animal Labs. We will work closely with you to create lasting solutions and help your team build the skills they need to maintain this transition after our work is done. We can audit your ecosystem and product, help identify areas for improvement, select the technologies best suited to your needs, and implement solutions that help you reach your business and technology goals. Depending on the size of your ecosystem we might deploy a single Project Manager or a larger team under the direction of one of our co-founders. Let us know what you’re working with and we’ll get you a cost estimate and timeline straight away.
Icons - Software machine learning _DevOps copy 2

Chatbots / Machine Learning

Consumers today expect their needs to be met instantaneously. Chatbots are the best way to meet this demand while delivering a personalized experience that is on brand. However, poorly designed chatbots don’t understand what is being asked of them, don’t escalate appropriately, and frequently lead consumers in frustrating circles. Work with us to ensure your investment keeps your clients smiling and buying. We’ll utilize leading methodologies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure your chatbot understands the nuances of human communication and performs the proper commands according to context. We can then work with you on the graphics to sculpt the perfect brand-enhancing bot.

We have built chatbots across all platforms and are among the leading national experts on Dialogflow.

Icons - Software interactive _DevOps copy

Interactive Websites

Complex single page web apps and modern javascript make us happy! Our developers have extensive history working with pixel perfection and performance. Animations, pulldowns, drag bars, curated content, video streaming, live streams, visualizations – these are just some of the things we can help you bring to life. Animal Labs is founded on human-oriented principles and we love improving the ways that humans and technology interface.

Icons - Software mobile app_DevOps copy

Mobile Apps

Our apps are in pockets around the world! Having crafted apps for the largest tech companies in the world we know how to deliver sleek, performant, user-friendly apps for both iOS and Android that drive and inspire brand awareness. We utilize a comprehensive methodology to ensure your app can get to market quickly and scale with you while hitting your deployment schedule.
Icons - Software - IoT_DevOps copy

IoT/Hardware Interface

Make your clients happy by getting your products talking. Whether you’re gathering sensor information from global inputs or hoping to teach your newest robot how to mix a mean martini – we’re the team to help you pull it all together. Our combined experience with software, hardware and machine automation means that you can count on us to deliver intricate programs that enable your business to step up to the next level.

Icons - Software - backend_DevOps copy

APIs and Backend Integration

When configuring your ecosystem it’s important to get lead engineers that understand the importance of your business objectives and the nuances of your custom and out of the box solutions. We’ll get your platforms talking so that your organization runs as an integrated whole.

Icons - Software - data_DevOps copy

Big Data

Got data, need processing? We can create robust systems that can take a firehose of data and remain standing. No matter how complex your data needs are, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our reliable systems are giving you accurate data and empowering your business decisions. Show us what platforms you already have and what data gaps you need filled and we’ll get you the big picture in no time.