Research & Development

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Achieve efficient cycle times and bring your vision to market before your competitors by brainstorming with the best. Animal Labs is a collective of creative minds, hungry for the next challenge.

Your parameters don’t have to be your constraints. From martini making robots to smart products with automated sensors, our lead engineers have worked with R&D teams across many industries and companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100s to Angel Stage Start-Ups.

Give us your end-goal and we’ll implement an Agile methodology to get you there. We’ll run the research to ensure your product meets your customers’ needs, develop the right solutions to overcome existing obstacles and help your product break the mould.

We love a challenge and excel in rapid prototyping where our creativity can be unleashed. Our strategy for effective ideation means less time going back to the drawing board and more time developing and testing quality products.