Lay a Strong Foundation

On-Premise and Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Building new infrastructure from scratch or contemplating a complicated database migration? Animal Labs’ technical architects can help guide the process from vendor selection to hardware configuration and platform integration.

Meet Ben, our resident DevOps guru. He and his team are experts at leading systems and tools including: AWS, GCP, Terraform, Bash, Kubernetes and Docker.

We’ve led projects of all sizes: from nascent companies on their first build to global corporations needing innovative solutions to their ever growing data demands.

We always provide ample documentation for ongoing ease of maintenance and training. Faster builds, tests, and deployments mean you can expect to fix production bugs with speed and grace.

  • Containerization
  • Build test deploy pipelines
  • Best practices and organizational structure
  • Automated Testing
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Metric and Analysis
  • Faster Builds, Tests and Deploys
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Consistent deploys between heterogenous data centers