Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions on our methodology and pricing model for custom development, staff augmentation and  and technology auditing services.

What is your pricing?

The challenges our clients face are unique and require custom solutions. Total costs depend on many variables within your scope. To get a real understanding of costs we’ll need to hold an introductory call to learn more about your project. To give you an understanding of what your costs will be based on, our rates start at $120/hr.

Quick & Easy

2 weeks
Legal Industry
Automation App

We digitized a 30+ page intake form enabling dynamic field changes, real time tracking and automated submission. This took our client’s processing time from over 2 hr to less than 30 min.


  • Interactive web app
  • User based account management
  • Automated email notifications
  • 12 page customizable form
  • Database integration

Tiger Team Take Over

$60k 10 weeks Manufacturing Industry IoT management POC
A multinational client needed to collect and assimilate high volume data from newly embedded sensors. This R&D project enabled the field service team to work more efficiently and the executive team to track post-sale product productivity.


  • Mobile app
  • High volume data pipeline
  • Rapid prototyping sessions
  • Machine learning data warehouse
  • Data analysis dashboard

Enterprise MVP

$350k 6 months Facilities Management Industry Enterprise Systems Integration
A corporation with over 10 million users needed a ticketing system that ensured clients received the appropriate support response immediately. We utilized Machine Learning to build an app that properly escalated requests and enabled user-based permissioning by integrating their existing ecosystem.


  • Chatbot NLU interface
  • Integration with existing legacy systems
  • Corporate IT compliance
  • 10 million user base capacity
  • Bank level security
  • > 95% test coverage
  • Expansive documentation for handoff to internal development team

But what if a competitor is charging less?

Our rates for are already highly competitive because of our low overhead. In considering your options, it’s important to be aware that you will get what you pay for. We are senior engineers and architects delivering high quality on everything we work on. We’ve brought on many clients that initially went with the ‘cheap’ option only to realize that they couldn’t go to market with the cheap end-product that was delivered. They end up spending more just to undo the damage done before starting over with us from scratch.

What is the benefit of hiring you for a project instead of hourly?

Hourly hiring is the best solution if you are looking to have one of our engineers report directly to you for general needs over a specific amount of time. The most appropriate example of this would be when you’re bridging for low headcount. When you have an end-product in mind the best solution is to hire us as an agency for your project. This provides you with a concise cost estimate and delivery timeframe for your product. It also grants you access to the collective brain power at Animal Labs at a flat rate that will always end up being the most cost effective way for you to achieve your goals.

If you have ongoing, intermittent needs the best engagement model for you is retainer. This way you have our team on stand-by with guaranteed response & resolution times to ensure you have 100% uptime and peace of mind.

Can you meet our security requirements?

Animal Labs is fully versed on all security compliance requirements across multiple sectors. We can assure adherence to industry mandated regulations and work within those frameworks, as well as your unique company policies, to develop your product.

How does your staff augmentation model work?

Embedding one of our developers is easier and more efficient than hiring. You can expect a full-time employee without the traditional cost of on-boarding and benefits. We will work at a predetermined hourly rate remotely or partially-onsite at your discretion. You can also disengage us as quickly and easily as you engaged us.

I’m working on highly sensitive projects. Can you ensure confidentiality?

We work almost exclusively on proprietary products. You own all work delivered and we are able to work off your NDA so that all your considerations are addressed. We can also connect you with client referrals upon request.

Can you design my web page or mobile app?

Absolutely! We have full design services and can help you design an app that is on brand.

Can you implement our design work?

Yes, we can implement any of the design you already have. We will need the files (photoshop, sketch, or software of your choosing) as well as a consultation to go over any expected interactivity with the provided designs once they are live.

How soon can you start?

Usually in 30 days or less, depending on the resources needed. We will always strive to start as quickly as possible for

How will you scope my project?

The length of the scoping phase is entirely dependent on the complexity of your project. First, we identify your requirements and provide you with an estimate based on previous similar projects. We then enter a discovery phase consisting of Strategy & Proposal Sprints (usually 2 weeks each) where we hold stakeholder interviews to build user stories and develop our milestone plan. Once you approve, we then begin development and meet at each milestone to review and rescope as needed.

How do you communicate during a project?

We advise checking in at least once a week, at the beginning and midpoint of each milestone. We are always available for a call and are happy to adopt your internal communication platforms while working with you.