Meet the Technical Architect
Ben Fagin


I am a senior-level software developer with major proficiencies across the full development stack. Look to me to build scalable and reliable software systems and services, and carry them through from design to development, deployment and beyond. I have over 10 years supporting clients on projects of all complexities and scales. I’ve helped start-ups set up single-server environments and I’ve also helped multinational corporations network over 2,000 computers around the world.

I have worked with companies in domains as diverse as GIS, Ed-Tech, and Genomics, and bring with me a wealth of knowledge about design and development best practices, distributed systems, cloud engineering, programming language design, system architecture, development methodologies, team building strategies, and more.



Florida State University B.S. Computer Science 

Work History

Senior Software Engineer
2016 – 2018
  • Maintain distributed databases storing hundreds of terrabytes of data.
  • DevOps, build and QA automation, system architecture and management.
  • Support multiple software installations in datacenters across the globe.
  • Support 24/7 genomic annotation and interpretation pipelines.
  • Work with bioinformaticians and data scientists to support their own efforts.
Highly, IncSenior
Full Stack Developer 
2015 – 2016
  • Operate and maintain production systems in Amazon.
  • Migrate a Ruby on Rails application from prototype architecture to a highly-available setup.
  • Manage datastores such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch clusters, Postgres, and Redis.
  • Develop and maintain the REST API used by browser extensions and mobile clients.
  • Work on algorithms for content matching and difference detection.
  • Manage development tools, such as build servers, staging environments, and source repositories.
  • Prototype new application features and technologies using Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and more.
Basic RGB
Full Stack Developer with StudyBlue, Inc.
2013 – 2015
  • ​Developer for a consumer application with over 6 million users, across 3 different platforms.
  • DevOps and other infrastructure roles, making heavy use of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Backend application development utilizing Java and Spring MVC.
  • Managed datastores and other infrastructure such as Postgres databases, Elasticsearch and MongoDB clusters, Redis, queues, DevOps infrastructure
Software Developer
2011 – 2013
  • 3D products division, developing a content repository for 3D map data using Java, Spring, and Hadoop.
  • Managed content stores of cartographic data utilizing Oracle spatial databases and other GIS systems.
  • J2EE applications development for internal and external services, using Spring MVC, JAX-RS.
  • Leveraging HBase, DynamoDB, and other distributed databases to process global cartographic data.
  • Developing distributed applications running on the Amazon cloud.
Software Developer
2010 – 2011
  • Designed in-house utilities for migrating data between
  • Documentum and Vodori’s custom Pepper CMS platform.
  • Technical Lead for international website.
  • Key developer on 3.0 website relaunch.